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2902 E. Elwood St. Phoenix, AZ. 85040
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From light warm colored ivory travertine, to the dark smooth noce travertine, to the exotic scabos travertine we can get it all. We can order many different sizes and styles of tile from local vendors and get it to you within just a few days. By getting it direct from the importers we help you avoid all the “middle man” charges and fees. Come see our vast selection of flooring and back splash natural stone to get your kitchen or bath to look outstanding, and keep the price under your budget.


With the latest trends in porcelain tile, our vendors supply us with a lot of tile colors and variation of wood plank, concrete look, and many others. They offer competitive pricing, and quick delivery times, so you can keep your project going. Stop by to see our display of all the tile, as our vendors are always trying to bring in new fresh colors.


Our local vendors have supplied us with hundreds of laminate flooring samples that we can order in and have brought to our warehouse in just a few days. They offer many different looks and qualities. We have all of these wonderful options out on display so you can find just what your looking for.