Adam B.

Excellent place, this is a hidden jem. As a new home owner we have made several visits to this place. They charge 12% tax because it is “consignment” but the prices are still MUCH MUCH MUCH lower than your typical retail stores. We got brand new trim for the entire house (2600+ sq ft)  and the men who work there even helped us load it. They sell everything from cabinets, granite, toilets, faucets, doors doors doors, windows, sinks, etc.

Nunzio Z.

Great prices and they have everything you could want for a home remodel. Overall, they have great quality and prices.

Mitch S.

Being a new homeowner I wanted to check out this place as it came recommended by many people I know.  They have a huge selection of products that are insanely cheaper than their competitors.

Natasha P.

Great prices, friendly staff, good selection. Will be going again for our home remodel on a budget.