Frequently Asked Questions

Inventory comes from many sources. Manufacturer over runs, discontinued items, manufacturer mistakes, GC's purchasing to much of a product. All of the inventory is NEW, not used or damaged goods.
No, sorry at this time we do not.
Of course you can. Individuals, Subs, GC's...all are welcome.
The lowest cost item in inventory is the minimum purchase! No, there is no minimum.
All merchandise is sold AS IS, and all sales are final. No warranties, exchanges or returns.
No, there is no warranty, implied or otherwise. All items are sold AS IS.
This is a fully functional and operational warehouse, and that includes all of the risks involved. So for your childs safety and our peace of mind ( and to satisfy our insurance company) we ask that children under 15 have a waiver of liability. Hopefully this will encourage parents to monitor the kids more closely and avoid any tragic events
No, we also have warehouses in Minnesota and Florida